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Plastflute is top manufacturer for Akylux, Cartonplast, Corflute, Coroplast, Corostat, Corpac, Correx PP Corrugated Box, PP Corrugated Board, Polypropylene Corrugated Box, PP Sheet, PP Hollow Sheet and PP Hallow Board.
PP Corrugated Box PP Corrugated Board  Malaysia PP Sheet Polyethylene Sheet
Plastic Sheet,Finished Plastic Products,Twin Wall Polyethylene Sheet, Malaysia, Malaysia Plastflute
:: PP Corrugated Box : Corrugated Plastic Box : Corrugated Plastic Sheet : Fluted Sheet ::
Corrugated Plastic Box,Corrugated Plastic Sheet,Fluted Sheet,Plastflute,Malaysia
Corrugated Plastic Box,Corrugated Plastic Sheet,Fluted Sheet,Plastflute,Malaysia
manufacturer of corrugated plastic boxes and sheet
Our sheeting has numerous applications and advantages over standard packaging and protective materials. We produce boxes for  handling everything from fragile glassware to steel car components.

Now Plastflute is fabricating and converting corrugated plastic sheet. Lightweight, yet strong, a great combination for your next container or packaging requirement. Corrugated Plastic is a reusable material that is attractive, durable and cost effective. In addition to stock/standard products, we welcome design challenges to help you create a unique item.

Fresh Produce
Building &   Construction
Graphic Display
Protective Sheeting
Materials handling and storage
Food handling
Printing and
  graphic arts
Plastflute Manufacturing designs and manufactures boxes and trays to suit any customer requirement using our "Plastflute" sheeting - an extruded hollow fluted sheet made from Polypropylene.    ...More
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:: PP Hollow Board : Corrugated Plastic Box : Corrugated Plastic Sheet : Fluted Sheet ::

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