PP Hollow Board Futureboard & Polypropylene Corrugated Box

Environment friendly product; find out more ESD Corrugated, PP Hollow Board, Futureboard & Polypropylene Corrugated Box.
Plastic Sheet,Finished Plastic Products,Twin Wall Polyethylene Sheet,Malaysia
Plastic Sheet,Finished Plastic Products,Twin Wall Polyethylene Sheet,Malaysia
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Flute Sheet Manufacturer,Twin Wall Sheets,Plastic Corrugated Sheets,Impraboard,Plastic Sheet,Finished Plastic Products,Twin Wall Sheet,Polyethylene Sheet,Corflute,Impraboard,PP Box Manufacturer,Fluteboard,Malaysia

Plastflute Manufacturing designs
and manufactures boxes and trays to suit any customer requirement using our "Plastflute" sheeting -
an extruded hollow fluted sheet made from Polypropylene.
Tel : +603 3291 3198
Fax : +603 3291 8198
Add : Lot 762 Jalan Haji Sirat
Klang Utama, Klang 42100
Selangor Dahrul Ehsan
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Our Environment

Plastflute Manufacturing is committed to offering packaging systems and solutions that where possible reduce the impact on the environment.

By reducing one trip disposable packaging and using multi trip packaging we can reduce wastage and consumption of natural materials.

In many cases the reusable concept works out to be a more cost effective approach over a period of time and minimizes the cost of disposal of one trip packaging after use, which can be very costly. Using returnable packs means products can be moved many times and at the end of its like cycle the plastics are 100% recyclable and can be used again to make other products.

Cycle Program

Plastflute?s ? Cycle? program has been developed to assist our customers who wish to responsibly dispose of packaging we have provided them with that has reached its end of life cycle.
Our customers can return boxes that have reached their end of life cycle or are made redundant back to us for responsible recycling.

This will ensure they are not sent to land fill or disposed of without consideration to our environment.

We use non timber pallets for all International shipping choosing to use 100% recycled plastic or using our own specially fabricated non returnable design.
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:: Malaysia Futureboard Manufacturer : PP Hollow Board : Polypropylene Corrugated Box : Malaysia ESD Corrugated ::

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